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How I Cured My Alopecia e-book by Hits Dhanak is a Self-Help Holistic and Natural approach to Alopecia Hair Loss

Discover the truth behind the real cause of Alopecia


Filled with natural mental and practical techniques to reverse the condition


Doesn’t cost a fortune!

E-book format: PDF, EPUB and MOBI
“What Hits Dhanak has released is an incredible guide covering an Etheric as well as Traditional method to curing Apolecia. His investigations into the potential causes of Alopecia and the need to look at non standard aspects such as the role of the crown chakra really opened my eyes into new routes to heal the body.”

- Fraser Neilson, author of Secret Fountain Of Youth

Cure your Alopecia Holistically using powers you already have

My name is Hits Dhanak, I am an independent health and esoteric researcher who has spent years talking and writing about new natural ways to heal the body. The crunch time came when In 2011, I was diagnosed with Alopecia, a specific type of hair loss.


Building on my existing knowledge and obtaining more information through independent research, I created my very own tailored healing program, that used a tool which costs nothing to use – THE MIND.


If you have done any research already, you’ve probably heard that either DHT or stress can be the cause. I will show you how to stop DHT naturally without taking harmful drugs that give you an array of side effects. You just need the ability to imagine, accept a change in your diet and lifestyle with the advice given in this e-book.


Learn about new techniques to feed energy to the bald areas with mental imagery.


A new way to combat stressful situations and avoid it altogether.


Step by step mental exercises to condition your body to stop producing the chemicals that causes hair to fall out.

The problem is not in the scalp, it’s in our state of being

When you get a disease of any kind, not just alopecia, it is the body reacting to an imbalance either in your life, mental or emotional state. It is the physical body telling you that a SHIFT needs to happen somewhere, a radical change is the best way to describe it. This could happen as a change of diet, lifestyle, removal of stress or tension.

When this imbalance occurs, it not only allows disease to manifest but it causes closure of certain chakras in the body. Chakras form a part of our etheric subtle bodies and they control the flow of energy within us. Each chakra is associated with different parts of the body, so when one closes, it prevents energy being fed to the organs it is associated with, resulting in an illness.


Therefore, to tackle of the root of the problem, we need to deal with the imbalance in our lives, open up the chakra’s related to the disease we have so the energy can flow. In the process bringing us back to full health.

Why doctors won’t want you to read this

If you have been diagnosed with Alopecia and see your local doctor, try asking them how to cure it? Chances are, they will get very uncomfortable and won’t be able to give you a straight answer. Not all medical practises are like this, there are far and few healers who are well aware of the true causes to diseases, but they are heavily pounded on by the health authorities.


If you even utter the words of natural remedies and use of the subtle bodies, they will do their best to steer you away from this and convince you that these methods aren’t proven to work, whilst they have no independent research to verify this.


In the most extreme Alopecia cases, patients are subjected to harsh drug treatments such as Corticosteroid injections, Minoxidil solution and Anthralin cream, which have painful side-effects.


A doctor who has educated in conventional medicine won’t be academically taught anything beyond the physical body and therefore a huge chunk of information has been left out of their learning. The pharmaceutical companies who make these drugs make millions, and the doctors who refer patients to be subjected to these drugs are just keeping the profit going. This is explained in more detail in my e-book.

What am I exactly offering?

Ok so you discover you have alopecia, so where do you go from here? After I came back from the barbers that day and saw the bald patch at the back of my head, I spent hours doing my research and all the information I collected is contained in this e-book. So if you have this condition and you found my website, you needn’t look further in searching for answers, because I have done it all for you.


You need to be the decision maker on which recovery path to take. Through writing and publishing this e-book, I am not advising anyone to stray away from conventional medicine, I am giving you the information I have acquired so you can make self-educated decisions on how to approach alopecia.


I am not offering a 100% guaranteed alopecia cure. Since every case is personal and requires individual assessment, it is important you tailor this healing program to your condition. This is my program which I created that cured my alopecia, and if you want to know if this is going to help you do the same, there is only one way to find out.

Key visualisation exercises to open up the chakra
associated with alopecia.


What foods/drinks to avoid in your diet and what minerals help strengthen hair.


How to wash your hair with the right shampoos and which ones to avoid.


Which exercises help feed oxygen to the scalp.

E-book format: PDF, EPUB and MOBI

“Whether helping you through a troubled time or just maintaining your personal well being, the exercises and explanations that Hits puts forward are extraordinary and this ebook should be seen and absorbed by many.”


Luke Porch


Divided into easy to read parts



Comes with free chakra guide

With every order you get a pdf, epub and mobi versions of the e-book, so you can read it on the latest mobile devices. On top of this, I am also throwing in a free 10 page chakra guide, which lists all seven chakras and their purpose.


Although the title of this e-book gives emphasis that it’s for alopecia sufferers only, this is not the case. It helps you deal with everyday stressful situations in your work environment, deal with difficult people and overcome the obstacles that hold you back. It teaches you to heal your body as a whole, not just the disease. It looks at all aspects of your life such as lifestyle, diet, and mental state, bringing all these elements together to help you recover fully.

Free Preview

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100% Money back guarantee

It can take time before you see any results, but if you are not happy with the content or you feel that the information is not for you, then I will give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.
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E-book format: PDF, EPUB and MOBI


“This is primarily an e-book about taking a holistic approach to curing alopecia. The anecdotal stories are entertaining and often pointed toward using self awareness and mental imagery to cure your diseases. Overall, I found the e-book to be fascinating reading!”


Raymond Fellers


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